It takes one to know one--in personal and professional life! If you're a small business owner, depending on a startup to help make your life and job easier is a savvy move. Other small businesses have walked similar paths, know what small businesses need, and, as a startup, they're competitive and will do whatever it takes to earn your business. Most businesses, regardless of size, are taking on more work and responsibility than necessary. With the right startups in your corner, you can optimize results, profits and more.

Check out these seven startups that are making life better for small business owners like you. In some cases, if you get in on the ground floor you can even help dictate the direction they head!

1. Yoke Payments - You've never seen a self-checkout point of sale (POS) like this before! Simply "plug and play" with your mobile device. A simple setup and intuitive platform lets you collect payments quickly, securely, and even on the fly. You get inventory tracking in real time and can personalize reports with ease. Plus, Yoke comes with some of the best support, helping your business thrive.

2. AdCat - Don't have the budget to hire or outsource a marketing department? AdCat lets you create the purr-fectly sized ad images for your social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Forget about researching the right ad sizes per platform, and simply download creatives that are "perfect fit" instantly. You can get all your ads from a single image, so there's no double work or need to design multiple similar images just to get the fit right.

3. BuddyBuild - Mobile readiness is a must for businesses of all sizes, and that often includes both a mobile version of your site and an app. With BuddyBuild, you can create and launch apps while gathering feedback in real time. Available for Android and iOS, this fully integrated system is the first mobile iteration platform. Design, compile safely, test your app and prep it for stores in one fell swoop!

4. District 7 Media - Studies show that consumers are more video and image driven than ever, but that's only applicable if the image is of the highest quality. District 7 media offers gorgeous aerial, video and motion-lapse content to take your business to the next level. Using the latest technology, your image content is ready for an overhaul that only drones, the best photographers and motion-lapse techniques can provide.

5. Ensighten - Ensighten is technically still a startup, although the support, funding and backing of this tag management system has been phenomenal. Tag management helps you oversee the whole lifecycle of your digital marketing campaigns, helping to integrate third-party software to create one seamless unit. Since most websites rely on a bevy of third party vendors, tracking them and keeping them flawless can be a challenge. When you "tag" them, you get instant data management and control.

6. Operator - This app is a personal assistant--specifically for future purchases. Install it and you instantly link with a subject matter pro who can help you make the best buying decision for you based on needs, budget, and anything else. You don't have live chat in the traditional sense. Instead, Operator works with Facebook Messenger, connecting you to customer service directly on a platform you're already familiar with.

7. Jumpstart HR - Many small businesses don't have the budget or need (yet) for their own HR department, and outsourcing has become a popular option. Jumpstart HR works exclusively with small businesses and helps with everyone from onboarding to mediation, payroll to help with founders, and even works directly with job seekers. Every business needs HR support, but not all businesses need to take on this task themselves. Jumpstart HR relieves a lot of pressure, including the legal kind, so you can focus on growing your company.

Having the right support is critical for the success of any business. Startups are ambitious, feature leaders in the field, and are hungry to prove themselves to potential long-term customers like you. Give them a whirl and you might discover a vendor, client or B2B partner for years to come.