A leadership consulting firm, CMOE recently did a survey. They got answers from some of the most influential leaders in America. The below graphic shows the average day according to their survey:

Here are the 8 things you can learn from their day:

1. Exercise

Michael Schneider recently said he likes to exercise every day. It helps him stay productive. Several of the most influential leaders in America said the same thing. They exercise an average of 45 minutes every day. This daily activity will help boost your mood and energy.

2. Limit email and text

The average leader only spends 2 hours and 25 minutes on email and text. This is still a big chunk of the day, but it is limited. Be sure to set periods of time to respond and send emails and text messages. This will help you to stay productive throughout the day and limit distractions.

3. Set goals

Be sure to set aside time to set goals and strategize for the future. Do this every day. Most days you may only need 15-20 minutes to revise and review your plan. Other days, take the time to create a master plan with S.M.A.R.T. goals and really strategize for your company and team.

4. Team work

Work in teams and help each other obtain the goals from your strategy and planning sessions. The average leader only spend 1 hour and 45 minutes on his/her personal tasks and projects. The rest is spent working with teams and people. Teamwork can be powerful, use these 5 steps to create an effective team.

5. Utilize the commute

Some people spend hours on their commute to and from work. The average is around 30 minutes each way, but that's still an hour of time every single day. Don't let this time be wasted. Use this time to listen to audiobooks (or read if you ride a train/bus/subway), review your goals or use this time to make your phone calls.

Utilizing this commute time will help to open up your day for other things while your not commuting. It is not creating new time, but it will sure feel like it!

6. Make time for friends and family

Be social and spend time with those you care about away from work. The average leader spends 8 hours per week socializing. Get out and have fun, interact with people and maintain a healthy work life balance. Plus, your networking can always help in business down the road anyhow. Don't make it about work or business, but most of the time it tends to naturally happen where and when it should.

7. Have productive meetings

Conference calls and meetings take up 2 hours and 26 minutes of the average leader's day. Make this time productive and avoid the 7 deadly sins of staff meetings. Don't get confused, these meetings are not required and if you don't have them, does not mean you aren't productive. If you are like the average leader and spending this time in meetings, make sure it's worth it.

8. Develop yourself

Spend at least 30 minutes every night for your own personal development. That can be reading a book, writing in your journal, learning a new skill or polishing on you already have. Do something that will make you better day after day. This small amount of time adds up as does the value that you get from it.