Non-technical job opportunities are increasing. Perhaps, that's surprising in this world of tech dominance. But, there may be a connection. For one thing, the global competition enabled by worldwide technology has also increased the value of customer relationships. And, at least half of those customers insist on dealing with live people. Also, until technology has the ability to essentially think judiciously and strategically, non-tech jobs in finance, marketing, engineering and sales need people.

It's not that these positions don't use hardware and software in their work. However, such tools do not define or dominate the work. And, these people need more software developed for and targeted to the non-technical user.

Give Them The Attention They Need

With the help of successful software, you can identify some key issues facing software providers:

And, without a business culture that values the providers, software and support personnel, tech-users can lack respect for the trainers and installers whose real job is to satisfy them and make their work easier and more productive.

Give Them The Intuitive Software They Want

According to Stefan Köther, writing for TeamViewer, "The whole point of intuitive software is to make it easy for us to enjoy working with the program." Notice the use of the term "enjoy;" everyone does better at work they like doing. Specifically, the software is intuitive when:

This is particularly critical in the most fundamental of communication mediums: web design. "For a non-technical person to create and maintain an engaging website requires a totally user-simplified content management system," remarks Murad Bushnaq, CEO of His platform helps non-profits build donor-engaging, responsive design websites with no technical training. "Now, more than ever, non-technical folks are required to interface with technical products and software. The software needs to be intuitive for its users to be successful," he concludes.

The more intuitive, the less training required. For example:

What It Really Means To You Your non-technical staff at all levels work better with software they engage with. And, although every hire coming on board these days thinks they are computer savvy, the reality is that your customized and proprietary programs will surprise them.

You want software that interests and attracts users. You also want software that users can move into with ease and improve with it as it upgrades. To top it all off, you want software that's scalable, cloud-based and affordable. The good news is that you can find what you need with some research and employee input.