With the amount of connected devices, tools, apps, and resources available for an entrepreneur, it can be intimidating finding what will help you succeed at work. What's important to remember is that not every problem is fixed with a  faster laptop, fancy software, or a better way to work, but you become a more efficient, healthier, and smarter entrepreneur. Here are four products to improve your stressed, hard-working life in short order.

1. Keep yourself charged: myCharge HubUltra ($149.99)

If you're on the go, it's easy to remember your battery pack, but easier to forget the cables for your phone or other devices. Many battery packs require an additional cable to charge them. The HubUltra weighs just over half a pound and has 12,000 mAh of power and the ability to hold it for up to one year. Its high-quality, built-in micro-USB and lightning cables won't break like cheaper competitors, and you don't need to remember to bring them with you. The pack also charges with an included two-prong dock that it clips into, which makes a recharge 50 percent faster than the competition's, the company claims, but also making it quick and easy so you can move on with your day. MyCharge also offers a number of smaller, cheaper batteries, some of which even have the power prong built into them.

2. Sleep better, feel better: Sense ($129.99)

It's become a cliché in the startup world that a little sleep and a lot of stress is a motivator, but few people work well without a good night's sleep. Many sleep trackers make you wear a device or put your phone under your pillow, waking you when you are considered to be at your lightest sleep cycle. Sense breaks the mold by not interfering with your sleep for the sake of improving it. A small sphere attaches to a wall outlet, and a thumbsize wireless pill attachment is clipped unobtrusively to your pillow. Sense's sphere monitors your environment's temperature, humidity, sound, and light, playing soothing music sounds (rain, for example) or white or brown noise to rock you to sleep. It then monitors your movement as you sleep, using the pill to determine if you're in a heavy, medium, or light sleep state. The "smart" alarm sounds within 30 minutes of your set wake-up time, waking you refreshed at your lightest sleep state.

3. Present anywhere, anytime (and stay entertained): Chromecast ($35)

Visiting a client's office and found you've forgotten your HDMI cable? Incompatible software? Chromecast deals with that easily by allowing you to share your Chrome tabs or even your entire screen by plugging the device into any HDMI-based screen. While How-To Geek says that screensharing is labeled "experimental," it also remarks that its experience has been great. This is a lot easier than using Apple TV or relying on your cables, and it's an affordable, cross-platform device. The Chromecast is also great for any entrepreneur on the road who finds a hotel that lacks entertainment, as any TV that you can plug it into (and change the input to the correct HDMI port) gets turned into an entertainment system that supports Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, and many other services.

4. Stay light on luggage (and speed through security): Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Men ($175)

Seasoned business travelers may have learned to tolerate the requirements of the TSA, but that doesn't mean that their lives couldn't be made easier. The Scottevest Q.U.E.S.T. vest has 42 pockets, deliberately spaced to balance your carrying your entire gadget arsenal (including small tablets), cables, keys, wallet, and passport in an accessible and easy-to-carry vest. The vest can be quickly removed and put in a security tray to go through the X-ray in seconds, saving you time and annoyance when trying to rush through the checkpoint. Larger Scottevest pieces of clothing also let you carry even laptops. They're great additions for people who want to travel in style but also keep everything on their person at all times.