If you're involved in any sort of marketplace that includes affiliate programs or native advertising, you're aware that there are several ways to measure how effective your marketing and business strategies are going. One of the most powerful metrics is earnings per click (EPC).

In short, EPC is a per-click measurement on your earning potential from advertisers. If that leaves you a bit lost, think of it this way:You begin to sell your products through an affiliate program. So, you place ads on other websites and offer a commission for assisting you in the sale of your product or service. To calculate EPC, you just have to divide the total commission by total clicks. This will help figure out the potential worth of clicks on your website.

While that may sound relatively simple, there are some other factors to consider. For example, publishers must also take into account the following:

If you really want to maximize your earnings you also have to discover the topics around which people areearning the most money, on which devices and which industries. When you have this information you can determine how much your clicks are worth.

How Much Clicks Are Worth By Country

The commission price for clicks can also be determined by the country where the ads are placed. VigLink discovered how much clicks were worth in thirteen different cities across the world. Here were their findings starting from the least amount to the most expensive.

How Much Clicks Are Worth By Device

VigLink also discovered how much clicks are worth by device. Currently, desktop EPC remains the highest, followed by tablet EPC and mobile EPC. What's interesting about these findings is that despite the increasingly popularity among tablet and mobile devices, customers continue to prefer desktops while online shopping. However, expect that to change as mobile devices and apps begin to offer better customer experiences.

How Much Clicks Are Worth By Industry

Finally, here are how much clicks are worth by industry.