The future of business lies in real-time and those businesses that are able to close the time gap between customer demands and fulfillment will rise to the top. Like it or not, real-time tools are changing business forever.

RTBI Defined

RTBI is the process of collecting, processing, and analyzing insights from customers as the information happens. Essentially, it's a form of computing that immediately analyzes what your customers want based on their search history, personal details, batch processing, and more. Then, certain parts of this data are processed to create customer insights that businesses can use.

Too much of the data businesses use to meet customer needs is outdated, and therefore, nearly useless. This data is taken in real-time, so the information is relevant and useful. This information is extremely beneficial for businesses creating and marketing advertisements and for offering excellent, real-time customer service.

RTBI in Action

If your business is struggling with fast customer response times or collecting, processing, and analyzing big data efficiently, it will suffer the consequences, as many of your competitors offer this kind of customer service. To improve your use of RTBI, consider using these tools.

Affective Design
Microsoft Excel
Existing Team Member Insights
Open Data
RTBI Software

Changing Business Forever

The business world cannot escape real-time intelligence. Customers have become accustomed to the speedy and catered benefits it brings, and businesses need it to keep up with their competitors. Customers will no longer wait for products and services, thanks to technological innovations that have knocked down those physical, wait-time barriers.

They now look for services to happen as quickly as possible, and the reality of the situation is that real-time responses are possible. Though you may not be able to respond immediately to every customer, you can generally get back to them through various forms of communication in less than 12 hours.

Without proper use of RTBI, your business simply isn't using the free internet world to its fullest possible extent, and it will miss out on real-time benefits that attract customers and bring in revenue.