Today--Monday, September 21st--is a special day where you can get involved alongside many organizations, social media industry leaders, and celebrities to celebrate the International Day of Peace and use your social media presence to influence others to join this important cause.

The United Nations General Assembly established the International Day of Peace in 1981 through a resolution that was designed to call attention to the concept of peace, what it stood for, and how it could be won in countries around the world. In 2001, a further resolution was added for September 21st that would make this an annual day of cease-fire and non-violence throughout the globe.

With this as the backdrop, this year's theme is "Partnerships for Peace--Dignity for All," and it is focused on making a bigger impact in the hearts and minds of everyone on this plant by taking the cause from the streets with parades, festivals, concerts and organized events on a local level and elevating to social media where information can be spread quickly.

Whether you get involved in the International Day of Peace by doing something in your community or through your organization by having a minute of silence today at noon or other peace-focused activity or you leverage the power of social media to share your thoughts, pictures, and messages about the importance of peace, take time out today to reflect on and embrace the ideals of peace.

For the team behind organizations like Influential, the only mobile-first influencer platform, they believe that their position provides them with an excellent opportunity to spread the message of peace today. They have partnered with The United Nations to launch the #ForgiveForPeace campaign on Twitter. Already, big artists like Garth Brooks, Brent Rivera, Aaron Carpenter, Christian Collins, Crawford Collins, Wesley Stromberg and many other celebrities are tweeting about it. I reached out to company spokesperson from Influential Ryan Detert which he said “As a company, we've been able to affect change in business world through our enterprise technology and our influencers, but the #ForgiveForPeace campaign for the United Nations' International Day of Peace gives us the rare opportunity to use our resources for the global good. That, in and of itself, is truly inspiring."

Five of Influential's top social stars have also been appointed as Youth Ambassadors for UN International Day of Peace and will be at The United Nations in New York City today as part of their social media campaign directed at peace. They will participate in the ceremonial ringing of the UN Peace Bell with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and many other world leaders. These young men personify what is possible when people leverage online social platforms to spread information about worthy causes and help to quickly educate and engage more people than any other type of channel has been able to achieve.

I have made a point to share this campaign focused on global peace and unity on my social media platforms and so should you. We all deserve to have the dignity of a peaceful life, free of the fear, hatred, and violence that prohibit peace. When millions of people unite around the world to focus on peace, we have a better chance of changing minds and, more importantly, of altering behaviors.