A revealing new survey from entertainments company Eventa has revealed several surprising statistics--including the revelation that as many as four in five of us admit to having had liaisons with our co-workers at some point during our careers.

In fact, have a look round your office right now--do you think you can point out the 80% of your colleagues who have at some point gotten it on with a fellow member of staff? (Why not share this article around your department and keep an eye out for sudden bouts of blushing?)

Eventa collected these statistics using a survey of about 200 office workers across the United Kingdom. As we all already know, it's all about relationships in the corporate world--though the more carnal variety is probably not what your CEO has in mind. In fact, those who responded to Eventa's survey admitted to a whole host of saucy goings-on--including the shocking fact that more than 15%, or one in seven of us has at some point gotten jiggy with it on company premises.

And, in the build-up to the Christmas season, Eventa's survey should serve as a warning to the more liberal revellers amongst us. With the Christmas party revered by many as an occasion for debauchery and love-drunk confessions, Eventa's insights reveal that as many as a quarter (25%) of office romances has been sparked by the merriment of the festive season.

This figure correlates eerily close with another--when asked if their sexy swoop was premeditated, an unashamed 22% said yes. So keep your eyes peeled between now and Christmas for lingering glances and suspicious winks in the workplace--you never know who might swoop on you at this season's bash.

As one spokesperson for Eventa puts it, "Christmas is a romantic time of year. Everyone's got their cosy jumpers on, there's a smell of spices in the air and Frank Sinatra music playing all around."

"And Christmas is a time of giving and receiving. No one wants to be sat in front of a log fire on their own."

But what about when this news leaks back into the office? Those of who hoping to keep your dirty laundry out of sight might be glad to learn that, of those who have gotten their rocks off in the past, almost two-thirds (63%) confirmed that they tried their hardest to keep the deeds a secret from their colleagues.

However, you may have to deal with the overly-suspicious fallout of having a partner intent on hiding any sign of affection. More than a third (37%) of respondents admitted to making a conscious effort to avoid eye contact with their partner in crime whilst at work.

However, one thing you probably won't need to worry about is the impact upon your career. Despite the popularity of workplace hanky-panky, only 7% of respondents to Eventa's survey claimed that they had been forced to change jobs due to a liaison turned sour.

"I don't think a relationship can harm a person's career, I think a lot of the time it can help it," said a spokesperson at Eventa. "Someone might not be enjoying their work, so a bit of flirting might actually help them enjoy their job."

It would seem that many of our twenty-first century workplaces are liberal enough to overlook the odd bit of naughtiness--but we'd still recommend double-checking that your raunchy emails are going to the right party before hitting send.

What is your view of workplace romance? Are you one of the 80% who has, as they say, pooped where you eat? Do you have a secret agenda lined up for this season's Christmas bash?