Supporting eco-friendly companies is one of the best, easiest, and often most affordable ways to help save the world in 2017. And, more consumers and businesses are seeking to support companies and brands that are socially conscious, offering solutions that can assist with different social issues that impact our society. Milennials especially are focusing on companies that are giving back or contributing to the health of our environment. With so many brands competing for your attention, it may be difficult to figure out which ones are focused on social needs rather than profits. Need help figuring out which companies are doing the most impactful work? Wondering if saving the world equates to consumers spending a lot more? Take a look at this list of do-gooder, innovative companies that have set out to change the world. With your help, they just might succeed.

OAT's Biodegradable Sneakers:
RainHarvest Systems
Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Beyond Meat
Bergey WindPower

There are countless ways to change the world for the better, whether it's creating better-tasting burger alternatives, finding different ways to power your home or maximize the potential of already available resources. Businesses -- from startups to enterprises -- have the research, know-how, experience and passion to bring these products to life. Now it's up to the consumers in 2017 to embrace the research and products for a healthier, happier future.