According to the US Department of Labor, women are a serious "force in the workforce," making up 47% of workers in the country. Over 39% of these women are in industries where women traditionally make up the majority of employees. Women are also the owners of around 10 million businesses in the US. However, there's still a gender gap.

Surprisingly, the higher a woman climbs on the social ladder the bigger the wage gap. According to Rich Henson, award-winning writer, women in "upper level executive roles" earn just 72.3% of what their male counterparts earn. From an accumulative standpoint, that's the cost of a $435,000 house by the age of 65. However, 40% of moms are the primary (or only) breadwinners in a family.

Women who are job hunting need the best platforms to look for their perfect position. Fortunately, there are ten fantastic job resources readily available where women can network, search and apply for jobs, and even present themselves as a passive candidate. Here are the top job hunting platforms for women:


As the biggest professional network in the world, it's no surprise that LinkedIn tops the list. With 500 million members, it can seem overwhelming, but filtering is made easy. Search by location, size, and connect with potential key members from recruiters to hiring managers. It's also, of course, the platform where professional women can keep resumes and profiles updated, direct message with fellow users, and even engage in groups or as a guest writer.


Indeed is a well-known and reputable job platform for good reason. You'll find millions of jobs from thousands of companies. The data is aggregated from numerous quality job boards and websites for "one stop shopping." Women have easy, searchable access.


Designed specifically for millennial women around the world, this platform connects 18 million users every week with one another--and with career opportunities. Every company featured is vetted by Mogul and required to be supportive of women. Employers must describe how they support women and diversity on their profiles and within their job posts.


The official TechCrunch job board is a fantastic space for job hunting, particularly for women in tech. Amidst the Silicon Valley movement of encouraging more women in STEM, CrunchBoard is worth checking out.


It's no surprise that this job board is rich with tech and digital jobs. Again, the tech industry is really promoting women in tech, so for those who are interested in that path going directly to the techie source is a savvy move.

At College Recruiter, future and recent grads can find entry-level jobs and internships (paid and unpaid). It's crafted not necessarily "just" for young job hunters, but for anyone of any age who's recently completed a degree or starting a second, third or even fourth career after returning to school.


Monster is another well-known job platform that's been connecting women to quality jobs for over 20 years. It's a global platform and features a number of job-seeking services in addition to postings. Women can dig deeper by checking out the Monster at Work company blog, or start looking at those overseas postings that might be too tempting to pass up. Remember: A job overseas usually means foreign earned income exemption and not having to pay the majority of federal taxes.


Many women have heard of CareerBuilder, the popular platform in North America, Europe and Asia. It's a fast, seamless and easy platform where you can upload your resume and be a passive candidate. Sometimes it's best to let the offers come to you.


What's in a name? Quite a bit, and SimplyHired proves it. The job search engine has 30 million monthly users and is active in 24 countries. You'll find SimplyHired in 12 languages, easily making it one of the most global choices for job hunters. Women can tailor their searches by salary, location and more.


The aptly named site for women job hunters is home to millions of CEO ratings, interview summaries, company reviews, position salaries--and of course job postings. Not only can women search for jobs, they can also see their market worth. This data can be used not just to see if they're being paid a fair wage, but also can be used during the salary negotiation aspect of an interview.

The glass ceiling isn't dismantled yet, but it's getting closer year by year. Women job hunters armed with the right tools, including the best job hunting sites, are one step closer to leveling the playing field.