If you're on the hunt for a new position that will let you shine, practice demonstrating these top seven traits that CEOs look for in star employees.

Your resume can get you the interview. But these traits can get you hired:

1. Happiness

No one wants to work with an unhappy person. Negativity, unnecessary drama, and melancholy attitudes can bring the entire company down, so although your own personal happiness may not seem important when applying for a job, it most certainly is. Happiness also reflects your ability to tackle challenges without becoming discouraged. If you show the hiring CEO that you're a positive, mentally healthy person, your chances of becoming the company's next star employee will vastly improve.

Signs of happiness:

2. Creativity

Even if job duties don't require much creative thinking, CEOs still want to hire creative people. Innovation goes a long way in maximizing an employee's potential. You may enter the position and find new, better ways to perform old tasks. Creative employees may also come up with entirely new ideas for guiding the company toward success.

3. Hustle

As the old adage goes, time is money. CEOs want the job done, and they want it done yesterday. But it's not just about speed; it's about your drive to be efficient. Are you going to squeeze all the hours you can out of a single project, or will you get it done as quickly as possible? If I'm your CEO, I don't want you to sacrifice quality. I just don't want you to waste my time or money. Every second you're on the clock but not producing, my company is losing. Hustle in your job duties, and I'll be sure to recognize you as a star employee. How could I ignore that drive?

4. Honesty

Nothing can turn off a CEO faster than dishonesty. As an employee, you'll be entrusted with inside information and the company's best interests. So basically, if I'm spending money on you, I want to know you're actually going to deliver the work I'm paying for without risking my company's reputation and overall health.

Don't lie on your resume. Don't lie in your interview. Don't lie after I hire you. CEOs can't run companies without honest, dedicated support.

5. Flexibility

If I hire you as a full-time employee, I want you to do what it takes to help my company--end of story. Of course, that doesn't mean you should be expected to work insane hours or risk your own well-being, but you should be flexible in your position. Yes, you may work a desk job, and no, helping out in the warehouse is not in your job description. Assuming you genuinely care about the company you work for, however, the CEO should still be able to expect a certain amount of flexibility from you.

6. Passion

CEOs want to know their employees actually enjoy their jobs and are constantly striving to improve professionally. Even if the position you're applying for isn't your dream job, you should demonstrate a general passion for the industry, the company and your chosen career path. Otherwise, as CEO, I risk hiring someone who doesn't really care. The CEO needs employees who care. The company depends on it. Employees who are passionate about their jobs are more fun to work with anyway!

And if it seems that money is your only big motivator, forget about the job. CEOs understand the need to pay bills and your drive to progress financially, but your desire to increase your salary doesn't impress me whatsoever.

7. Confidence

Do you shy away from challenges, or do you take them on knowing you at least have a decent shot at overcoming them? As the hiring CEO, I want to know that challenges aren't going to deter you from succeeding at my company. You should be courageous, and know these "Things Every Courageous Leader Knows".

The CEO also wants to see confidence in your ability to perform your essential job duties. If you are not entirely sure you can fit into the company and excel at the required duties, the CEO can't be sure either and has little reason to take a risk on you. If you want the job, you better be confident that you deserve it.

Walk into the hiring CEO's office ready to display these seven traits, and you'll outshine other candidates for the position. For one final shining tip, check out another recent article Jayson wrote, "This Personality Trait Leads To Wealth And Happiness; Do You Have It?" You'll prove in the interview that you're a star employee whether you're hired or not, and the CEO just might want you to shine for the company.