They are those that provide invaluable lessons and insights to make you successful in business and help you grow as a person. Sometimes, those podcasts just simply encourage you to finally let go of fear and make your dreams into a reality. But the best of them all are the ones that tell you how to do it in a clear and concise manner.

Here are seven of the most notable and must-listen-to podcasts that talk about tech, finance, management, and everything in the business world.

1. Business Mistakes

Business Mistakes might be considered a newcomer among the more seasoned podcasts, but it has been making an impact and building a solid following base. In fact, it has become No. 1 within 48 hours after it was launched and continues to occupy the top spot of business podcasts on iTunes.

The show allows its guest to reveal their most vulnerable moments by admitting the mistake that has turned their lives around. However, the confession doesn't stop there but it delves further by letting the guests talk about the lessons they've learned from the experience as well as the steps they have taken to lift themselves up from that difficult situation. The podcast aims to show its audience that all mistakes have a second chance, and every problem has a solution.

2. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is an offshoot of Pat Flynn's blog with the same name. What makes the blog and the podcast phenomenal is that it has become Pat's source of income providing him with a six-figure salary every month.

Through the podcast and the blog, he shares his experience how he was able to do that giving his followers insights where to find passive generated income online. Aside from that, he also provides actionable marketing tips and blogging strategies to make the most out of your business.

3. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is considered as the top-performing show in the podcast world with Hollywood A-listers as guests including Jamie Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon Favreau, Edward Norton, and Pixar president Ed Catmull. It is considered as the No. 1 show in iTunes and has been included in the Best of 2014 and Best of 2015 lists in iTunes.

What makes the show popular is the wide range of subject it tackles - from business to culture while providing unique insights to its audience to help them with their business and their lives.

4. Foundation

How do you start a business when you have no money? This is the eye-catching sentence that begins the introduction of the Foundation podcast. The show does not fall short of its question because it indeed delivers the challenge it has posed. What makes the Foundation a valuable podcast is the Action Guide it provides after each show so that you will exactly copy the strategies and processes the guest entrepreneurs have used.

5. APM: Marketplace

The Marketplace is a show produced and distributed by the American Public Media. If you want to know the latest and daily happening in business and finance in the domestic and international scene, then the Marketplace is your go-to hub. The show is broadcast by nearly 800 radio stations across the United States and has 12 million followers.

6. EntreLeadership

Want to learn from the masters? Then EntreLeadership is a good place to start if you want to learn more valuable and actionable business insights. EntreLeadership believes that learning, especially if you are a leader, never stops.

Aside from training leaders, the podcast also encourages you to begin thinking as a leader. It has big names in business as their guests providing words of wisdom for seasoned or first-time business people. Some of their guests include Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, and Simon Sinek.

7. The Growth Show

The Growth Show is about, you guess, growth. Whether you want to grow your business, your team, or your idea, the Growth Show provides you with resources to make them flourish and productive. Brought to you by HubSpot, the podcast features a person who has been able to achieve remarkable growth in their chosen endeavor. But the best part of it is the guests providing you with clear steps how to achieve that growth.

8. $100 MBA

What the $100 MBA encourages its audience is to stop thinking and start making those ideas into reality. However, founder Omar Zehron understands how difficult it is to do that; thus he provides invaluable lessons and methods how to start your business easier.

Armed with 14 years of business experience and 13 years as an educator, Omar provides practical business lessons, such as managing risks in your business, creating a system in your business, time management, and many more. The podcasts are only 10 minutes long allowing even the busiest people to listen to golden nuggets of business and growth.

9. Manager Tools

Manager Tools is a multi-awarded podcast established by Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman. It is an extension of their management consulting and training firm. The goal of the company is to make every 'manager effective and every professional productive.'

With an understanding that being a manager and building a career are two different things, it categorizes its podcasts into these two. Its Manager Tools podcast provide practical insights for managers that include the hiring process as well as managing the team. For its Career Tools podcast, it tells its audience how to get ahead of your career.