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When You Run a Private Business, It’s All On You.
That is why Inc. developed “Building a Fast-Growing Business”, an online course suite homing in on essential skills and real-life, proven best practices. It’s the tools you need to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.
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“Inc.’s private business-centric courses are more refined, more challenging and more effective than your typical online offerings.”
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Fully interactive, progressing at your own pace, and backed by Inc.’s longstanding role as the handbook of American entrepreneurs, “Building a Fast-Growing Business” are sure to boost your business.

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Certificate Courses Include
Become a
better leader
Road-tested concepts of leadership, including communication and motivation, leading teams, managing virtual workers, and leading during times of change.
marketing in 2020
Up-to-date strategies and tactics, including digital marketing, targeting, value propositions, channel management, SEO, and marketing automation.
Finance 101 for entrepreneurs
Demystifies and brings to life must-know concepts of finance, including startup financing, pricing, cash flow and financial ratios.
selling like a pro
Practical, hands-on advice unpacking the fundamentals of getting sales, including the sales funnel and pipeline; lead qualification; presentations; and closing.