A great start is the key to completing any task well. Daily, we tend to overlook the most important great start which is waking up and starting the day. Many of us immediately grab our computers to check our email or are already worrying about the day ahead of us.

Instead of thinking of the daunting tasks to come, why not use the first phase of the day to take care of yourself and set your day on the right path. Here is a 15-minute morning routine to get things started right.

Visualize your day

3-5 minutes

The mind has two essential parts, the conscious and the subconscious. While our logic and reasoning comes from our conscious mind, our subconscious communicates through our thoughts and emotions.

The subconscious is highly influenced by both internal and external pictures, which is where visualization comes in. By taking the time each morning to visualize how you would like your day to go, you are building a memory bank that your subconscious will try to make a reality. During my visualization exercise, I try to visualize the most important parts of my day. For example, closing a sales meeting or finishing a difficult workout. 


1-2 minutes

Write three things you are grateful for in a journal. The power of gratitude is a great way to balance the mind, body, and soul. Mentally, you gain higher levels of positive emotions throughout your day.

Physically, you feel more refreshed when waking up. Socially, you become more helpful and compassionate when you remind yourself how great things really are.

Read a motivational quote

Less than 1 minute

Provide yourself with a mantra for the day. Days can be difficult and life can throw us unexpected challenges and obstacles.

When you are having a rough moment, vocalize your motivational quote or mantra to help you take on the obstacle with confidence and a refreshed attitude.  The last quote I read that helped me during a difficult day was by Napoleon Hill. "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."


3-5 minutes

Meditate and breathe. Closing your eyes and focusing your mind on staying clear of any thoughts, or taking in thoughts and setting them aside for the moment, is a great way to refresh your mind and can increase your concentration throughout your day.

Your morning routine can set you up for a successful day. By taking just 15 minutes to check in, create your reality through visualization and motivation, and realize what is already good, you can set your day up to be not only a win through the tasks you complete but also a win for your emotional self.

Turn phase one of your day into your you time, to then go out and make a difference at work and in the world.