Today, customers seem to know more about products than a company's own sales people; more about pricing than a company's own finance department; more about support challenges than a company's customer care team.

Social networking and open information sharing have shaken up the customer-brand relationship. Control is now in the hands of the customer.

Where does that leave businesses?

Well, one thing's for sure: you can no longer carry on "business as usual." In this new world, your business (small or big) has two options: adapt to the needs and wishes of your customer or become obsolete.

The only way to succeed is to enable great experiences for your customers at every interaction and to do it consistently. And that isn't exactly easy. Customer experience management done right requires a holistic approach to the infrastructure, policies, data, training, and people.

We have recently put together a comprehensive guide to customer experience management. It spotlights advice and best practices from CXM thought leaders, many of whom have decades of experience on the topic.

10 of my favorite tidbits are below: