Next year, all eyes will be on Brazil as the South American nation hosts the 2016 Olympics. But if you're a business looking for global expansion, your eyes should be set on Brazil right now.

Not only there is an economical growth potential, Brazil is also a home to a very young population (a large new customer base). Moreover, it is an innately social-friendly culture where all the global go-to social networks are openly welcomed and widely used, which makes for a rather smooth transition when it comes to expanding your communities.


Brazilian digital landscape is a pretty big deal. Just look at these numbers:

  1. Nearly 100 million Brazilians are online. (Source)
  2. 3 out of 4 Brazilian internet users use the internet every day. (Source)
  3. Brazilian internet users are online for 5 hours/day during weekdays. (Source)
  4. Brazilian internet users are online for 4.5 hours/day during weekends. (Source)
  5. 72% of Brazilians with higher education use the internet every day. (Source)
  6. 65% of Brazilians under the age of 25 use the internet every day. (Source)
  7. 92% of Brazilian internet users are active on social media. (Source)
  8. Social networking is a regular habit for 90% of Brazilian millennials (ages 15-32). (Source)
  9. Brazilian millennials have an average of 7 social media profiles (Source).
  10. Social media is the #2 most trusted source of information, behind the press. (Source)


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