What do you do when your company grows at a rapid pace and it becomes harder to induct your employees into the fabric of your company that is your culture?

Well, you might consider assassinating them, for one.

No, not "for real life", as my 5-year old daughter would say, but "for pretend."

That's what we at Sprinklr did. For a company that grew 300% YOY for the past three years, we realized the challenge of maintaining the culture that got us to where we are today. We truly believe that having camaraderie between all Sprinklrites establishes a healthy and productive work environment. And since our motto is "don't just do social, be social," it stands reason that the creative ways we come up with to get to know each other are also... well ... social.

Enter Sprinklr Assassin game, a creative way to mix it up and foster new relationships throughout the company. The game was created by our New York office employees and gave everyone the opportunity to meet new people while having a blast and tapping into their competitive side.

The premise of Sprinklr Assassins is this: everyone gets assigned another Sprinklrite as a target and you have to "murder" them before they get you. If you have been murdered, you pass your target onto the person that got to you and the process keeps going until there is one last person standing.

We had the game last for 10 days and throughout those 10 days you could witness staged crime scenes, Sprinklrites scheming together, and new friendships blossoming. We quickly discovered how beneficial the game was. It helped establish new relationships, collaborations, and served as a stress reliever for all the employees who participated. The game was a great icebreaker and everyone enjoyed branching out and meeting fellow Sprinklrites.

Most of all, it was fun. In Sprinklr fashion, our employees were tweeting, posting photos on instagram, and mentioning their excitement on Facebook.One employee tweeted: "Nothing quite like a company-wide game of Assassins to wake you up on a Monday morning! #SprinklrAssassins#ImOnTheHunt." Others partnered on creating elaborate crime scenes and embellishing them digitally. The NY office passion and collaboration was so infectious, it was spreading to all of our other office locations.

NY office employees are not the only ones spicing up their long days in the office. Our Bangalore office adds fun and humor to their daily routine by coming up with fun activities every alternate Friday, such as Playstation league matches, karaoke, UNO and Tambola tournaments, etc. My personal favorite--a face-painting day.

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We can safely say Sprinklr Assassins game, as well as other tournaments, are becoming a tradition. But most importantly, they are bringing our diverse teams together and creating strong bonds. Happy employees = happy customers. And that is priceless!

When was the last time your employees were excited about coming to work every day? Are you still excited about it? If we cannot create the best possible experiences for our own employees, how can we hope to do that for our customers?