They don't call it Hotlanta for nothing. Besides its vibrant cultural scene, Atlanta has an entrepreneurial community that is nothing less than top notch.  

This Southern capital city is home to 102 of America’s fastest-growing companies, the third-most after entrepreneurial hotbeds New York and Chicago. These Inc. 5000 companies represent a variety of industries, from nutrition to landscaping, and collectively brought in more than $4.2 billion in revenue in 2014. 

We’ve compiled a list of the fastest-growing companies living large in Georgia's biggest city. The following is based on companies' revenue-growth rates between fiscal years 2011 and 2014.

10. Swift Straw

CEO: Matt Lowe
Inc. 5000 Rank: 404
2014 Revenue: $11 million
3-Year Growth Rate: 1,165 percent
Swift Straw sells and installs pine straw and mulch for landscaping.

9. PSG Construction

CEO: Trey Edwards
Inc. 5000 Rank: 389
2014 Revenue: $8.9 million
3-Year Growth Rate: 1,208 percent
PSG Construction is a commercial construction and general contracting firm, specializing in restaurant, retail, and office projects.

8. Cloud Sherpas

CEO: David Northington
Inc. 5000 Rank: 379
2014 Revenue: $134 million
3-Year Growth Rate: 1,247 percent
Cloud Sherpas is a cloud services brokerage that serves as an intermediary between businesses and the cloud technologies they use, helping customers adopt, manage, and enhance technology from providers such as Google,, and ServiceNow.

7. Birdsey Group

CEO: Sandford Birdsey
Inc. 5000 Rank: 268
2014 Revenue: $8 million
3-Year Growth Rate: 1,689 percent
Birdsey Group is a national real estate consulting firm that provides services that support loan origination, servicing, asset management, highly structured securitized transactions, B-piece underwriting, and agency and commercial mortgage-backed securities loan assumptions.

6. Social 123

CEO: Aaron Biddar
Inc. 5000 Rank: 194
2014 Revenue: $2.5 million
3-Year Growth Rate: 2,144 percent
Social 123 provides a B2B contact database sourced from social media, along with data cleansing, e-mail validation, and lead generation.

5. Futurewave Systems

CEO: Raj Prabhu
Inc. 5000 Rank: 145
2014 Revenue: $7.7 million
3-Year Growth Rate: 2,700 percent
Futurewave Systems offers IT staffing, software and mobile app development, social media, and cloud computing services.

4. Kill Cliff

CEO: Todd Ehrlich
Inc. 5000 Rank: 103
2014 Revenue: $8.1 million
3-Year Growth Rate: 3,259 percent
Kill Cliff makes sports and nutrition drinks and bars, including Kill Cliff, a functional recovery drink made up of B, C, and E vitamins, electrolytes, and plant extracts including ginger root, green tea extract, and ginseng root powder.

3. Cardlytics

CEO: Scott Grimes
Inc. 5000 Rank: 88
2014 Revenue: $53.5 million
3-Year Growth Rate: 3,596 percent
Cardlytics provides data monetization for financial institutions by measuring and connecting retail purchases to millions of individual consumers.

2. Kabbage

CEO: Rob Frohwein
Inc. 5000 Rank: 36
2014 Revenue: $40.2 million
3-Year Growth Rate: 6,722 percent
Kabbage provides small-business financing through an automated platform that takes less than seven minutes by factoring in data from a company's online sales, shipping, business software, checking account, and dozens of other sources.

1. Access Point Financial

CEO: Jon S. Wright
Inc. 5000 Rank: 17
2014 Revenue: $29 million
3-Year Growth Rate: 12,010 percent
Access Point Financial is a direct, full-service lender that provides financing to hotel franchises and boutique hotels.