Let's start with the expected. There was a gamut of technology and innovation to demo during the week. Avoiding the massive ad and media agency circuit, this is a glimpse at what some other intriguing folks were flaunting.

Meet Respondology, a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) media platform that turns social channels into a search-like advertising medium launched this week. Respondology scans the content of millions of social posts each day to identify customer sentiment and intent, and replies with marketing messages in real-time. The automated platform enables one-to-one interactions with consumers at mass scale. Respondology's efficient management tools enable marketers to easily estimate, build and optimize ROI-positive campaigns using key phrases, keywords, and emojis. And who doesn't love emoji's?

Need a bot or ready to dabble in predictive analytics? IV-AI builds artificial intelligence to make businesses smarter while saving cost and driving validated engagement. IV.AI creates business and creative solutions powered by proprietary AI technology for brands like Sony Pictures, Netflix, Pepsi and more.

Looking for viewership? Iris.TV touts a 62% increase in video views. This software integrates with existing video players using AI and adaptive machine learning to automate streaming of personalized content based on audience preferences, user interaction, and behavioral segmentation.

Sci Futures' technology, consulting and prototyping arm was spun out as QuantumXPR this week. This award-winning innovation house uses science-fiction prototyping to help accelerate tech advancement. They showcased Virtual Reality shopper market research technology, Amazon Alexa skills, Google Home actions, and video content of prototyping work, creating true art of the possible experiences.

Another rebrand this week was that of the Girl's Lounge now known as the Female Quotient. This trail-blazing group of audacious babes is changing the game for women in the marketing and communications realm and beyond.

As part of their programming, Mara Lecocq, creator of Secret Code, spoke about the personalized and beautifully designed book she created to empower girls and give families, regardless of color or ethnicity, an opportunity to be a hero in a STEM inspired story. Mara notes that in 2017 only 6% of best selling picture books in the USA have a lead female of color, when they represent 40 percent of the population. By promoting women in leadership and technology Mara is set to inspire not only the advertising industry but many more.

Similarly, the founders of SATURDAY MORNING, a movement launched to use creativity to address issues of racial and social inequality, announced the launch of Peace Briefs - a new line of underwear with purpose-built waistbands.

Lines include, "I Am Not Armed," "Please Don't Shoot," "I have a Family," "My Life Matters," the new line of briefs will be available for sale.

SATURDAY MORNING also announced a number of major initiatives with Proctor & Gamble, Twitter, Syracuse University and VCU Brand Center. They also unveiled their Peace Brief for 2017-2018: "How do we end educational disparity in America?"

On what felt like the last week of summer, there was a lot that was unexpected in the very best of ways.