A glittering resume no longer cuts it. If you want a job, or even a graduate degree, you've got to put in time as an intern. 

Some internships evolve into full-time positions. Others offer little beyond busywork. But in tech land (a.k.a. Silicon Valley and New York City) some start-ups are Wonderlands, where interns can get real responsibilities and cool perks. 

We've rounded up the best perks out there for interns working in tech today: 


Fresh faces--i.e., Nooglers--get a real taste of the Silicon Valley experience, as depicted in the movie The Internship. Software engineers receive a hefty $6,763 salary, plus access to microkitchens, cafes, and gyms. They also work on real production code and get to meet with possible mentors. 


Microsoft's interns have flexible schedules, and like Nooglers, they too have access to gyms and cafes, and solid compensation ($6,004 per month). 


Interns working at the question and answer site are basically treated like real engineers. They get to attend panels, design APIs, and work on homepage feeds. 


An internship at Twitter offers catered meals (for those in San Francisco), dry cleaning, and weekly in-office yoga and pilates classes. One intern got to meet Russian president Dmitry Medvedev when he was still in office and Kanye West. 


Interns enjoy weekly events ranging from bowling to movies, Q&A sessions with 10gen's CEO, and events with Union Square Ventures' portfolio companies. Interns also get to meet bigwigs like software engineer Joel Spolsky. 

Palantir Technologies 

These interns feast on chef-crafted meals, play in media rooms, and go outside for a pickup game of Frisbee. Inside, they have access to a small gym offering yoga classes, a chiropractor, a doctor, and ... massages. Evenings feature weekly wine and cheese tastings.