Small business owners, beware: If your site isn't mobile friendly or creates a headache for smartphone users, Google will punish you. 

Yoshikiyo Kato, a software engineer, and Pierre Far, a Webmaster Trends Analyst, announced Tuesday Google will start demoting websites who don't fix their problems. Google also made a jab at Adobe Flash, reminding site developers that neither iPhone nor Android--with version 4.1 or higher--host its content. Matt Cutts, head of search spam, said Google is in the process of readying a speed ranking factor for mobile. 

Fortunately, Google pointed out two areas where you might be going wrong: faulty redirects--i.e., when a page redirects users to the same mobile site--and mobile-only errors, which are often blank screens. 

The hope is to make the mobile web a better place, which is what Google wanted all along.

These days, mobile is where every company wants to be, with users accounting for one-fifth of all web traffic. In fact, a Google-Nielsen study found 73 percent of mobile searches "trigger follow-up actions, whether it be further research, a store visit, a phone call, a purchase or word-of-mouth sharing." 

Because 45 percent of all mobile searches are goal-oriented, having an efficient website encourages users to explore, which could result in a sale or registration.  

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