For some, the holidays are about slowing down and spending time with family. That's rarely the case for very busy people--they might be spending those winter nights catching up on email or getting ahead while everyone else sets up out-of-office replies. Since you can't give those people more hours in the day, consider these inexpensive gifts to make the most of their time. 

1. Amazon Echo Dot


Is your gift recipient too busy to text you back, make a grocery list, or keep up with their favorite podcasts? Amazon's Echo Dot promises to help with those types of tasks with its virtual assistant Alexa. The handy device can call or message people, control smart home settings, and play audio through its built-in speaker.

2. Blue Bottle Coffee Blend Box


A strong cup of coffee can be a vital element for starting your day--or for bringing you back to life during that afternoon slump. Blue Bottle, an Oakland, California-based coffee startup, sells a box containing three six-ounce bags of its popular blends, giving coffee fanatics a taste of flavors from new regions and climates. What's more, it saves your busy loved one the hassle of venturing out of the office for a caffeine boost.

3. LoveHome memory foam lumbar support back cushion


Don't underestimate the gift of back relief. This pillow rests behind your hard-workers and keeps them from slouching their way to a backache. It can work on any chair, and it's washable. What's more, setting up an ergonomic workspace can help boost productivity.

4. Jackery Portable external charger


Don't let your loved ones be without access to their phone or tablet--that would create stress for anyone, regardless of their busy schedule. Reduce their anxiety, especially during holiday travel season, by giving them a way to stay connected. This external battery can give an iPad Air more than one charge, a Galaxy S8 about three charges, and an iPhone up to five before it has to be recharged itself. It also has two ports, meaning your busy bees can charge both of their devices at once.

5. Aukey Latitude wireless headphones


Do the busiest people in your life cringe when their co-workers loudly lunch next to them? Or do they prefer to work to movie soundtracks blaring in their ears? Either way, this set of quality Bluetooth headphones is the perfect gift for keeping them productive

6. MochiThings Medium Ardium Planner


Help the busy people in your life track their goals and successes with a journal and planner. Journaling provides them an outlet to document their progress and visualize their growth and development. What's more, it can help build momentum if they're feeling stuck. This journal has separate sections for notes along with yearly, monthly, and weekly calendars.

7. hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock


Sleep is key to staying productive, so make sure your gift recipient is getting their shut-eye. This alarm clock will ease them into the day with a warm LED light that gradually brightens 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. It also has a sleep timer that will dim the lights before bed.

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Published on: Oct 19, 2018