Like you, the Millennials in your life are battered with a barrage of distractions--ranging from long work hours to endless scrolling and screen time. So this year, the best gift you can give them is one that promises to shave precious minutes from their daily routine or just generally make their life better.

Here, in no particular order, are 30 gifts for under $30. (Note that some prices may change, depending on sales.) 

1. Pilea peperomioides in a Mini Dolores Planter

For the workaholic who spends far more time in the office than at home, a potted plant from the Sill, which can cost around $27, may do more than add a decorative element. Employees who are exposed to plants in the workplace--that is, biophilic design--report improved moods and other psychological benefits, according to Harvard University myrmecologist and conservationist Edward O. Wilson. 

2. Pop-Up Note Dispenser

Spice up someone's desk with this $9.99 creative note dispenser from 3M. It can't finish every item on your loved one's to-do list, but the old-fashioned camera vibe can make the list-making a little more fun.  

3. Phone S​creen Magnifier

Don't let your recipient miss his or her favorite sports game or TV show because life gets in the way. Retailing for $19.83, this Luckies of London's device magnifies a phone's interface and displays it on an eight-inch screen that's easier to watch. 

4. Steeped Coffee Bags

Twenty dollars will buy the coffee enthusiast in your life a 12-pack of Bixby single-serve coffee bags. Instead of using a French press or pour-over device--which require cleaning--users can save time by filling a mug with hot water and steeping pre-measured bags of ground Kenyan, Guatemalan, and Ethiopian coffee blends. 

5. 2020 Letterpress Calendar

A busy schedule doesn't have to look dull. This $22.95 creative calendar, made by Paper Source, promises to add some color to any workstation. What's more, if your loved one likes the design, the monthly displays can be trimmed and used as desk art later. 

6. Avocado Huggers

Australian millionaire Tim Gurner intuited in 2017 that Millennials can't afford to buy homes because they spend too much on avocado toast. Putting aside whether or not that's true, keeping avocados fresh is a real problem for anyone, not just Millennials. For $7.95, this contraption made by Food Huggers can get the job done.

7. Letter Sorter 

An organized desk can help increase productivity, but it doesn't have to look boring. Give this $18 Savoy paper and letter sorter, which is both useful and beautiful.

8. Wireless Headphones 

Help your loved one drown out the world and focus on work with these wireless Bluetooth headphones, which are made by electronics company Aukey and retail for $29.99. A single charge lasts eight hours--the length of a regular workday--and wearers may move about their workspaces without getting tangled in cords. 

9. 18-Month Daily Planner

Start the new year off right by giving the gift of organization. This $27.95 Moleskin planner is large enough to include work assignments, appointments, and the fun stuff in between. 

10. Sunrise Alarm Clock

If hitting the snooze button is getting in the way of your gift recipient's day, consider a better alarm clock that won't startle them awake. This $19.99 device from HomeLabs uses warm LED lights that gradually brighten 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. 

11. Deep Sleep Bath Bombs

A key productivity culprit is often lost sleep. A set of these $7.95 Lush bath bombs--made with lavender, Roman chamomile flowers, and essential oils like neroli--promise to ease anyone into a calm state before bed.

12. Touchscreen Gloves 

The cold shouldn't stop your hard-working loved ones from sending that last email on the walk to work. A set of Moshi Digits Touchscreen gloves, which cost $29.95, allows them to type freely while remaining warm

13. Activity Tracker

A $30 monthly membership to Whoop--which comes with a free fitness tracker--will allow anyone who nerds out over data to monitor recovery, strain, and sleep. For example, the system can tell users how much sleep they need at night, a handy tool for anyone who may be running low. Lebron James and Michael Phelps are known users. 

14. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat 

For cooking enthusiasts--or even the workaholic who needs a hobby besides answering emails or Slack messages--this book by chef and Netflix star Samin Nosrat, which retails for $20.99, provides recipes and a basic understanding of how to prepare delicious meals. 

15. PowerCore External Battery 

Work on the go whenever and wherever with an external battery. This model by Anker is $29.99 and gives users between two and three full charges on their smartphone, saving the day when your giftee's screen goes dark. 

16. Leather Business Card Holder 

Even Millennials still use business cards. Give them a memorable way to carry their info with this leather-bound card holder made by Padike. The $5.99 holder comes in an array of colors to make it more personal. 

17. White Noise Sound Machine

Not only does this white noise machine provide ambiance for the home office, but it can also assist with sleep. This two-in-one gift, which is from Sharper Image and costs $22, is perfect for the person who works from home, has her own office, or is looking for another way to improve sleep. 

18. Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion 

For $19.49, this back pillow, made by LoveHome, promises to alleviate lower back pain and provide sturdy support. 

19. Book of the Month Subscription 

Help Millennials achieve work-life-balance with this subscription service that offers a good reason to put their phones down. For $14.99 a month, Book of the Month selects five books and users pick which one they want to read that month. 

20. Tea Subscription

This $10 a month sampler box of loose leaf tea from Simple Loose Leaf Tea Co. will keep the tea drinker in your life relaxed and steeped in black and herbal teas​.

21. Grocery Gift Card

Spare your loved one from the long lines at grocery stores. Customers select the gift card value. Then, the vendor you pick--Peapod, Amazon's Prime Now, or others--will deliver that person's selected groceries, eliminating last-minute trips to the market. 

22. Cable Management Box Organizer 

This DMoose organizer, which retails for $24.99, promises to keep your recipient's phone, computer, and external battery charger from getting tangled and taking over his desk

23. Inflatable Neck Pillow 

For those on the go and in desperate need of shuteye, this $18.95 hoodie and neck pillow made by HoodiePillow provides privacy and comfort--even when you're stuck in the middle seat on a long flight.

24. Laptop Backpack

Briefcases are out and sleek, trendy backpacks are in. This one from Mancro, which costs $24.99, not only holds users' laptops, but has a lock just in case your recipient is the cautious type. 

25. TimeCube Timer

Help your loved ones meet their goals with a timer that needs no programming--four of the five sides have a designated time stamped on them. This $19 Miracle TimeCube timer, made by Datexx, allows users to set time restraints on tasks, which can increase productivity, or prevent your recipients from getting lost on one assignment. 

26. Compact Blender 

compact blender--like the $29.99 Magic Bullet--can quickly produce smoothies or açaí bowls for those in need of a quick, healthy bite. 

27. Fuego Box

Spice up your loved one's sad desk lunch with a subscription to Fuego Box. For $29.95 a month, the company delivers a monthly assortment of three hot sauces from around the world. 

28. Wag Dog-Walking Gift Card 

Skip the midday dog walk with this $30 Wag gift card, which buys at least one 30-minute walk with a verified professional. Note that prices may vary depending on the customer's location. 

29. Water Proof Note Pad  

This $9.50 waterproof note pad from AquaNotes will ensure your recipient's best shower thoughts don't go down the drain

30. Meditation/Sleep App Subscription 

Headspace's subscriptions, which start at $12.99 a month, help users meditate with guided programs and mindfulness exercises. What's more, the subscription app comes with sleep sounds for those who struggle to turn off their brains at night. 

Published on: Oct 29, 2019