Apple just scheduled its next product briefing keynote, and the pressure is on.

Its upcoming iPhone launch on September 12 is expected to be the most important event for the company in years, giving it the chance to showcase new products and hopefully boost sales before the holiday season.

The last time Apple made waves at its product keynote was in 2014, when it unveiled the iPhone 6 and its first Apple Watch. But after those products launched, Apple experienced a slump in sales for most of 2015 and 2016, prompting some to question how innovative the company is without its late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. It has since rebounded and reportedly sold 41 million iPhones last quarter.

This year, Apple is expected to unveil three new iPhones, according to The Wall Street Journal. One will be a showcase iPhone that celebrates the device's 10th anniversary. It will be larger, and have facial-recognition technology and edge-to-edge display.

Additionally, the company is expected to show off a new Apple Watch with an LTE cellular chip that will ease the watch's dependency on the iPhone by pulling data from wireless services. This means users can send texts, emails, and make calls without using the accompanying phone.

Meanwhile, far from Silicon Valley, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrapped up a mini-tour of America where he spoke about things like education, jobs, and manufacturing. In Des Moines, Iowa, he announced plans to make a $1.3 billion investment in a 400,000-square-foot data center located in Waukee, Iowa. And in Austin, he announced that Apple will begin offering students at 30 community colleges an Apple-created curriculum that teaches them how to code and make apps for iPhones.

While the tour sparked rumors of a potential presidential bid in 2020, Cook told The New York Times he already has "a full-time job."