It's no secret that Elon Musk thinks Mars is a promising destination for people to live in the future. But that's not the only far-out location where he'd like to see a human-occupied outpost established.

During an on-stage interview at the International Space Station Research and Development conference on Wednesday, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla said having a permanent presence on another celestial body like the moon would help show the enormous potential of space exploration.

"To really get the public real fired up, I think we've got to have a base on the moon," the founder of SpaceX and Tesla said at the event. "Getting people to Mars and beyond--that's the continuance of the dream of Apollo that I think people are really looking for."

Despite Musk's encouragement of a moon base, he has no plans for SpaceX to build it. The billionaire entrepreneur has previously said the moon isn't a top priority for his company since he's focused on colonizing Mars. And while SpaceX is planning to send a crew on a trip around the moon late next year, the astronauts will not land on it.

Musk's company has made headlines recently for several significant advances. In June, SpaceX successfully launched two rockets into space, surpassing the previous record of eight rocket launches in a single year. What's more, SpaceX is proving its ability to reuse rocket boosters, which if adopted widely would lower space programs' costs considerably.