From his Boring Company to Hyperloop and reusable rockets, serial entrepreneur Elon Musk had a lot to discuss the 2017 TED conference on Friday. His grand plans included how to better life on Earth--below and above ground--and the reality of humans becoming multi-planet species.

"I want to be clear: I'm not trying to be anyone's savior," Musk told Chris Anderson, TED's head curator. "I'm just trying to think about the future and not be sad." The future is certain his top priority--whether it's through his companies Tesla, SpaceX, or The Boring Company.

Musk's latest endeavor is aimed at alleviating the congestion on L.A. streets with 3D networks of tunnels. An electric car-skate attached to an elevator would bring cars from street level to the underground tunnel where the skates could achieve speeds of about 130 mph. "You should be able to get from Westwood to LAX in 5-6 minutes," Musk says of the approximate 10-mile journey.

He also told Anderson that Tesla is on track to complete a fully autonomous trip from Los Angeles to New York trip by the end of 2017. What's more, the Model 3 will have an autopilot feature and Musk teased the semi truck--a heavy-duty, long rage vehicle.

Musk has seen success of the two-stage rocket Falcon 9, which completed nine launches and landings, and earlier this year a rocket finish a second successful mission. "There have to be reasons that you get up in the morning and you want to live," he said. "If the future does not include being out there among the stars and being a multi-planet species, I find that incredibly depressing."