Welcome to the 230th episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by Inc.'s editor in chief, James Ledbetter.

First, assistant editor Cameron Albert-Deitch discusses Facebook's controversial Libra cryptocurrency project. Earlier this week, the social media giant faced blistering reception from lawmakers on Capitol Hill who were worried about Facebook's ability to regulate consumers' money after previous privacy leaks. David Marcus, head of blockchain at Facebook, spent much of his time at the hearings apologizing for the company's past mistakes. 

Then, editor-at-large Maria Aspan dives into her interview with Samin Nosrat, the chef and star Netflix's hit show Salt Fat Acid Heat. While running the kitchen at the Berkeley-based Eccolo restaurant in 2004, Nosrat found she had a temper with her employees and didn't like the experience of managing others. She took a break to write and now, 10 years later, is diving back into a managerial role and hiring staff for her new company. Aspan explores what Nosrat learned along the way. 

Lastly, I explore the best U.S. cities to open a brewery. Somerville, Massachusetts tops the list because of its large number of legal drinkers and low taxes and annual licensing fees. The latter is a huge reprieve for brewery founders, as taxes can be the most expensive part of making beer, according to a 2012 analysis by the Beer Institute, a national beer trade association. 

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