App developers rejoice: Google's got a top-level domain name for you.

The search giant is letting individuals and companies buy websites that end in .app, a desired top-level domain for site builders and app developers, the  company announced Tuesday. What's more, the internet behemoth claims it's the first top-level domain to require HTTPS encryption, a security feature that keeps information like credit card numbers and passwords safe when you enter them on a website.

Google acquired .app in 2015 for a cool $25 million and is now targeting app creators to purchase the top-level domain given its association with apps. "Even if you spend your days working in the world or mobile apps, you can still benefit from a home on the web," Google's press release reads.

Users can register .app domains through Google's Early Access Program until May 7 and can pay extra to obtain other domains before the public has access. After May 7, secure .app domains will be available to the public through sites like Google Domains, GoDaddy and 

While pricing was not detailed in the company's announcement, during an interview with Domain Name Wire in March, Google said it priced .app domains with the intention of being affordable. The company added that it expects the top-level domains will cost less than other popular endings like .how--those go for roughly $30 a year.