A new, viral Kickstarter campaign aims to do more than provide a good night's sleep; it wants to be "the solution to a stressed out society." Gravity, a weighted blanket that is meant to stimulate the feeling of being held or hugged, has raised more than $2.6 million and has 21 days left in its campaign.

Gravity promises to relax the nervous system, improve a customer's mood, and provide restful sleep by using deep touch stimulation. The blanket is meant to be around 10 percent of the user's body weight, and customers can select a 15, 20, or 25 pound option. The retail price is $279, but Kickstarter users can pledge $189 or more and get the weighted blanket of their choice.

"Weighted blankets are well known within the medical community, where they've been used as a natural stress reliever for decades," states the Kickstarter campaign page, which also says the blankets will increase serotonin and melatonin levels while decreasing cortisol levels. "However, society at large hasn't had access to them."

The company, Gravity, is also offering its product as a fix for those taxed by stress, anxiety, and sleep loss, issues that the Kickstarter page claims are caused by modern lifestyles. "It's never been harder to turn your mind off, relax, and recharge," according to Gravity, which cites things like constant notifications, the barrage of headlines, and demands of the job.

Those ailments, Gravity says, can lead to long-term health problems like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. But consumers don't need a hard sell when it comes to sleep products: The sleep space was a $32 billion market in 2012, according to The New York Times. And that's chump change when compared with $441 billion, the toll poor sleep wreaks on U.S. businesses in America, as calculated by the Rand Corporation last year.