Update (May 5, 2017, 10:30 A.M. (ET)): Square started allowing some of its Square Cash users to order the debit cards CEO Jack Dorsey hinted at in mid April. The prepaid card is linked to a customer's Square Cash account and not a bank account.

Jack Dorsey tweeted a photo of a black debit card Thursday night, sparking questions about the future of his financial services company Square. While the tweet didn't go into detail, the card resembles an earlier prototype the startup released in 2014.

When Square first launched in 2009, the company sold miniature credit card readers to businesses. Operations have expanded to include cash transfers between users and ways for customers to spend money received in the app. A spokesperson declined to comment on whether or not the card is a Square debit card, according to Recode.

Dorsey's first stab at a physical credit card was killed three years ago, sources told Fast Company. But the CEO and co-founder had big plans: a former employee told the publication that the next step was to "own both sides of the counter" so Square could one day "cut out the credit-card companies altogether."

While the company declined to say why the credit card project was scrapped, multiple sources said in 2014 that a credit card could alienate Square's financial partners and would have lead to legal troubles.