Jack Dorsey took to Twitter on Thursday to acknowledge his company's failures and, in a surprising move, invited users and experts to help improve the social media platform.

The social media platform wants to partner with outside experts to identify how the company should measure its "health," according to a statement from Twitter. Applicants have until April 13 to submit a proposal, and the company hopes to announce the first selected projects by July.

The company has been criticized for allowing fake accounts to use its service, most notably ahead of the 2016 presidential election, and for not going after harassers on its platform. What's more, politicians and experts warned the public that social media could be abused again in the upcoming midterm elections.

While Dorsey didn't apologize, he demonstrated strong leadership skills by admitting Twitter's mistakes and holding it accountable. His statement also highlights the value of declaring what you don't know; Dorsey and his team aren't shying away from the fact that they haven't found a solution to Twitter's problems.