After Jim Kwik suffered a head injury at the age of five, he feared he would never excel academically. Fast forward 25 years and Kwik has built a career on optimizing the human brain. He has worked with notable clients including Google and Nike; he also founded two companies and is a best-selling author. On Thursday, at 1 p.m. E.T., he'll share strategies for how you can enhance your capacity for learning and keen leadership techniques amid these difficult times. 

Join this upcoming installment of Inc.'s Real Talk Business Reboot--Limitless: Upgrade Your Mind During Trying Times with Kwik. The coronavirus has caused uncertainty and turmoil, and Kwik wants to help improve your focus. He'll use material and research from his latest book to help you boost concentration and success. It's free, so register soon because space is limited. 

Kwik's latest book called Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life was released on April 28. He's also the founder of Superhero You, a global community of learners, and Kwik Learning, a memory improvement and speed-reading training program. 

Kwik has been sharing advice from his book on maximizing recall abilities, which he believes can boost networking and productivity skills. In February, before social distancing orders took effect, Kwik spoke at an event in New York City, where he encouraged people to schedule a weekly 30-minute "whitespace"--time away from technology and notifications. Kwik suggests people use this time to memorize the phone number of a person they speak with regularly. The exercise, he says, can help the brain process and retain new information. 

Tune in on Thursday to hear what other tips Kwik has for improving your ability to retain information and boost your leadership skills.