As government officials squabble over the House Republicans' proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act, Mark Cuban has offered his two cents on the issue. The Shark Tank host published a blog post on Wednesday outlining his thoughts on American health care.

Cuban's plan would give single payer coverage for chronic physical and mental illnesses, as well as life-threatening injuries. All other health care needs would be "covered by insurance sold on the free market, managed by states, sold across state lines, and without government interference," he wrote on his personal blog.

While the Dallas Mavericks owner admitted that he was "no health care policy expert," he expressed his concerns about challenges facing health care in this country. "While I may not have answers," he said, "there is no downside to generating discussion on alternatives."

Under the proposed policy, premiums that currently go to insurance companies would be redirected to the IRS. Cuban wrote that the cost of covering what's left would continue to be paid to the insurance companies. He also encouraged people to "shoot holes" in his plan:

There is something for everyone to hate in this. It doesn't cover as wide a range of health care options as Obamacare, but it covers everyone. Immediately. No paperwork required. It is more humane, cost effective and fair than what the Republicans have proposed so far. Which means everyone can rip it to pieces. Which is exactly what I want everyone to try to do in the comments so we can see how to make the concept better.

Cuban's proposal comes days after the House GOP health care plan was released--one that President Donald Trump has endorsed (but other conservative politicians have been critical, calling it "Obamacare Lite" and "Obamacare 2.0").

This isn't the first time the billionaire investor has waded into the murky waters of politics. Although he has slyly mused on the idea of a presidential bid, he recently had a quarrel on Twitter after President Trump said Cuban wasn't "smart enough" to be commander in chief. A recent poll from Public Policy Polling predicted that Cuban would be just 1 percent behind Trump--with Trump having a 41 percent lead over Cuban's 40 percent--if the two battled in a 2020 presidential race. While he hasn't registered as an elephant or donkey yet, one thing is certain: Cuban is a shark.