Netflix is offering some serious business advice. If someone doesn't know their product's worth, they're going to "get played," Britt Roberston, the actress who plays Sophia Amoruso, says in Netflix's new comedy "Girlboss."

Netflix released the trailer for the 13-episode series on Monday. The show was inspired by #Girlboss, Amoruso's best-selling autobiography about how she created Nasty Gal--her multimillion-dollar brand--from scratch. From selling vintage clothes on eBay to the start of her e-commerce fashion empire, Girlboss will take audiences into the colorful and foul-mouthed world of one of America's richest self-made women.

Amoruso is one of the show's executive producers, along with Charlize Theron as co-producer. The series is set to premiere on April 21--five years after Amoruso's autobiography was published.

While the 32-year-old found success as a fashion entrepreneur, Nasty Gal has had a rocky road. In 2015, the company earned $300 million in revenue, garnering Amoruso a net worth of $280 million, according to Forbes. She left the company in November 2016 after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, following months of struggles including leadership turnover and poor communication. In February, Nasty Gal's assets were acquired by the rival U.K. fashion website for $20 million.

But Amoruso hasn't given up; she's simply refocusing her priorities. In March, she launched a new media company called Girlboss, which started with a rally that encouraged women to network and share ideas.

"Fashion was never intentional," Amoruso told Racked after her event. "But I did 10 years of physical inventory and I'm taking a break. And honestly, the purpose of Girlboss feels like something I'm ready for in this chapter of my life, which is hard when you're selling clothes, at the end of the day."