Staying motivated during a workout can be challenging, but what if your favorite characters from Netflix encouraged you along the way? "You can stand anything for 10 seconds," Kimmy Schmidt, from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, may coo into your ear. Or The Crown's Queen Elizabeth may remind you that "a revolution must come from within."

As part of its DIY tutorials, Netflix recently published an instruction guide to help users create a device that encourages them to stay active. The gadget gives the company another way to tap into the physical fitness market without compromising its ethos.

The device connects to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth and uses an accelerometer to track activity levels during a workout. Users set how hard they want to work out, and if they fall below that threshold, the music or video will pause and the device will share a message from the Netflix character of their choosing. If the user stops completely, so will Netflix.

But assembling the device may be another challenge. Users need to be comfortable with building basic electronics and coding. And some hardware is necessary.

The idea for the trainer came from Netflix's biannual Hack Day, an event that encourages employees to experiment with new technologies and collaborate with different people. If the trainer is not for you, there's another DIY option that turns on Netflix, orders takeout, and shuts off the lights with one press. Talk about "Netflix and chill."