LinkedIn has a new tool that will give businesses a new way of tracking visitors who view their webpages, the company announced Wednesday. The tool, called Website Demographics, provides companies with professional information such as a viewer's job title, company, and industry.

Website Demographics is LinkedIn's first tool that layers the professional details from its 500 million members to businesses. The technology also allows users to look at stats from certain sections of the site and filter by date range, providing insight on whether a new campaign is successful. Website Demographics will be free for any business that also uses LinkedIn's Campaign Manager. LinkedIn plans to roll out the new tool sometime within the next several weeks.

"LinkedIn Website Demographics," according to a LinkedIn blog post, "is a major leap forward in helping you make more informed marketing decisions to grow your business. With the ability to gather insights before, during, or after campaigns, you can improve your strategy and make smarter marketing decisions."

Comprehensive data points could be very useful to businesses--whether they are determining if a new ad campaign was successful or if they want to know the types of professionals visiting the site on a daily basis. It can also help companies reach a broader audience by designing more effective marketing.

"Website Demographics is giving us some really useful insights about the different segments of our international websites," Bhanu Chawla, head of digital strategy at Cornerstone OnDemand, wrote in the blog post. "It's helping us clearly understand if we're reaching the right audience with our web marketing strategies and also providing clarity about our web audiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle."