Snapchat made some big changes in its "Stories" feature, which allows users to view photos and videos from different accounts. On Friday, the company announced a new product that allows people to actually search for public content--whether or not they are friends with the person who posted it.

The new add-on feature, called "Stories," opens up the possibility for brand discovery and more advertising options for Snapchat. User can search for accounts to follow or Stories to watch based on a wide range of options, allowing them to find relevant information--from local happenings to national events.

It's a lot similar Facebook's own search option. Previously, users could only use the search tool to find the friends they chat with frequently, or by typing in a specific account name. "Stories" has rolled out to users in some parts of the U.S. Snapchat hasn't commented on when it would become available to all users.

The video and photo messaging app hasn't included any ads in the "Stories" search results yet, but the option could become a new space for advertisers to showcase content. If a user searches for puppy-related Stories, the results would be automatically curated based on the text in the Snaps and the time they were posted.

This is the first new feature the company has rolled out since its IPO in early March. It was one of the most anticipated tech IPOS after Twitter's in 2013.