Updated on October 20 to include new diversity statistics from Pinterest.

High-profile Silicon Valley companies including Square, 23andMe, and Pinterest lack diversity in their leadership teams, according to a new study from the nonprofit Reveal. The diversity statistics are on par with those of other tech firms that have come under fire recently for filling high-ranking positions with mostly white men.

Payments startup Square had only one person of color on its 11-member executive team as of last year, according to Reveal, the publishing platform for The Center of Investigative Reporting. DNA-testing company 23andMe is close to gender parity at the executive level, Reveal found, but only one of the 17 executives is a minority. 

The study found that four of the eight top executives at Pinterest were people of color, and, according to Recode, women account for just 12.5 percent of all executives at the company. Pinterest says these figures are out of date, and that today people of color represent 44 percent of the now-nine-person leadership team, while 33 percent of all executives are women.

This is the first time diversity statistics for Pinterest, Square, 23andMe and four other prominent tech companies--Clover Health, MobileIron, Nvidia and View--have been made public. But the study is only the latest reminder of the ongoing diversity issues in the industry.

For example, there are no blacks or Latinos among Twitter's executives, and Amazon has only one Latino and no black executives among its 105-person leadership ranks, according to Recode. Facebook, one of the most diverse tech giants, counts just 7 percent of its 496 executives from minority groups. Meanwhile, only 28 percent of Facebook's leadership team is female, the same percentage as at Twitter. Amazon lags behind those two companies with 22 percent, according to Recode.

Published on: Oct 19, 2017