Tesla is facing a shareholder lawsuit alleging that the electric carmaker hid its manufacturing delays from investors, according to CNN Money.

Additionally, six other law firms issued statements asking investors to be plaintiffs in a class action suit against Tesla. The news comes after Tesla announced on October 2 that it could only build 260 of its Model 3 vehicles in the third quarter, instead of the 1,500 it had planned to make.

The company blamed "production bottlenecks" for the delays, and The Wall Street Journal reported that many of the Model 3 parts were being built by hand instead of on automated assembly lines. Tesla didn't comment on the shareholder suit, according to CNN Money.

The Model 3 was introduced in July when Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk drove the car onstage. Shortly after, he warned employees that the coming months would be difficult. "Frankly, we're going to be in production hell. Welcome, welcome!" he said, according to the Journal.

But Tesla is facing more than just "production hell." It's been hit with four other lawsuits recently. Workers have claimed gender, racial, and LGBT discrimination at the plant in Fremont, California. Additionally, the United Auto Workers union filed a complaint with federal labor authorities alleging that employees were terminated for supporting unionizing efforts. Tesla denied both claims, according to CNN Money.