Tim Ferriss was a senior at Princeton University when he met a series of setbacks, blows that lead him to contemplate suicide. But he got help, overcame his fear and became a successful entrepreneur, angel investor and author, according to a blog post he penned in 2015. Now, Ferriss can add TV star to his list of professions. His new program, Fear{less} with Tim Ferriss, premieres Tuesday on DirecTV and is all about exploring fear and ways to combat it.

On his new AT&T original series, Ferriss will interview business owners, performers and athletes and ask how they made hard decisions, faced fears and reaped the rewards. Guests include TOMS Shoes CEO Blake Mycoskie, illusionist David Blaine and Yael Aflalo, founder of the Reformation fashion label.

"The goal isn't to be fearless," Ferriss says in the trailer for his show. "The goal is to fear less."

Ferriss made a name for himself after founding the sports nutritional supplements company BrainQuicken in 2001, but discovered he was working 90-hour workweeks. That manic schedule encouraged him to try something different, spawning the idea for his first book The 4-Hour Workweek, which became a New York Times bestseller. Ferriss sold his company in 2010 to a London-based private equity firm, authored three other books and launched a podcast called The Tim Ferriss Show, which was the No. 3 business podcast according to iTunes.

Fear is not a new topic for Ferriss. In an April TED talk, he discussed his three-step process called "fear-setting," which he uses to get past any doubt that holds him back. The system, he said, helped him tame anxiety and make stronger business and personal decisions.

"Do you need to overcome fear by thinking about it, or do you need to train yourself in fear?" Ferriss told Inc. "When I was filming my new show Fear{less}...One theme that came up was the idea of not just sitting down and thinking your way through fears, but rather using exposure therapy."

Ferriss recommends that people expose themselves to their fears in micro-doses. For instance, Blaine, whom Ferriss said was introverted, practiced approaching and talking to people by working as a waiter in restaurants. If you want to achieve a goal, he says, you need to first take off "the emergency brake that is your fears."