Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis don't want you to be afraid of the future. Instead, they encourage all entrepreneurs to be inspired by new technology, medicine, and start trusting that their moonshot ideas can help billions of people.

"I realize that the technologies we have today are enabling entrepreneurs to go much bigger, much bolder," entrepreneur and engineer Diamandis said during a webcast with Robbins in December. "I think we forget the fact that today, as an entrepreneur, there is no real limitation other than the self-imposed."

Robbins, an author, entrepreneur, life coach, and business strategist, spoke with Diamandis about some of the technological advancements that may ease people's fears about the future. "The greatest antidote to fear is the truth. Educating yourself and getting knowledge of what's really happening can change your entire perspective," Robbins said.

He went on to ask Diamandis about the entrepreneurs turning the world's problems into business opportunities, with things like stem cell research and artificial intelligence. Diamandis discussed his Abundance 360, a membership community of entrepreneurs, and X Prize Foundation, which awards innovative ideas and projects.

"That's the thing that people don't realize is today, as an entrepreneur, you can build a company that can impact a billion lives," Diamandis said in the webcast that will be later featured on the Robbins' podcast. "My goal is, can I get thousands, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to go and find what they're passionate about that will drive them?"

Published on: Jan 12, 2018