Warren Buffett, the billionaire and Berkshire Hathaway CEO, turns 87 on Wednesday. But don't bother searching for a birthday present; this investor says luck was the best gift he ever received.

In December 2013, Buffett told a crowd of MBA students that he won the "Ovarian Lottery" when he was born. As he explained his political views and how he wants to shape the world, he acknowledged that he was welcomed into the world with certain traits that make him luckier than others (i.e. being born male and healthy):

"My sisters didn't get the same ticket. Expectations for them were that they would marry well, or if they work, would work as a nurse, teacher, etc. If you are designing the world knowing 50/50 male or female, you don't want this type of world for women -- you could get female. Design your world this way; this should be your philosophy."

Buffett understands he was born with an incredible gift, but the businessman knows how to use it responsibly. In 2010, he teamed up with Bill and Melinda Gates to create the Giving Pledge, in which the world's wealthiest people promise to give away more than half of their fortune to charitable causes. As of May, 168 billionaires have signed the pledge.