A new competitor just entered the crowded race for television customers--and it's the Google-owned streaming service that scored big with funny cat videos.

YouTube plans to offer a package of over 40 cable and broadcast channels for $35 a month, the company announced Tuesday. YouTube TV will target the growing number of consumers cutting cords or totally avoiding traditional television.

The service, which is expected to launch in several months, will host broadcasters like NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox along with cable channels like MSNBC, USA, ESPN, FX, and Fox News. The new service allows customers to watch from any screen and to record an unlimited amount of content for up to nine months.

YouTube will join other media companies offering "skinny bundles" of TV channels like Hulu, AT&T's DirecTV, and Dish Network's Sling TV.

"There's no question Millennials love great TV content," YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told The Wall Street Journal. "But what we've seen is they don't want to watch it in the traditional setting."

Facebook is betting on a similar phenomenon with Facebook Video, which launched yesterday on Apple TV. The app allows users to view videos shared by friends or live-streamed events.