Getting good press for your business is an exciting accomplishment. The opportunity to get in front of thousands, and potentially millions, of new customers can be game changing. But being popular won't automatically make you more profitable. One of the biggest challenges brands face when it comes to public relations is that it's hard to measure the impact and to leverage it for results. 

After more than a decade working as a news reporter and publicist, I see the same frustrating scenario over and over again: A small business or startup lands press. They celebrate and share the coverage on Facebook and maybe tweet about it. They wait for the customers and cash to come rolling in--but they don't. It's a big missed opportunity, and often, missed profits, too.

Instead of letting your 15 minutes of fame fade, use these tactics to leverage the exposure and turn your press into profit. 

Treat it like valuable content.

Whether you are interviewed in the news, featured in an industry magazine, or quoted in an article, don't assume your customers have seen it. If you limit your audience to only the people who organically saw (or heard) your press, you're missing out on some powerful publicity.

Media coverage can be a third-party endorsement that validates your business and positions you as a leader in your industry. Treat it like the valuable content it is.

At my agency, after we get our clients featured in the media, we're only half-way done with our work. From there, we re-purpose the link to the coverage and share it in a variety of ways, including: on social media, in their email newsletter, publishing a blog about it, creating behind-the-scenes videos about it, and even run a corresponding promotion. 

This transforms one piece of content into multiple forms of outreach. We will even pull it from the archives and share it weeks or even months later if it's still relevant. 

It may feel like your whole audience has seen it, but chances are, the majority of your potential customers have not. And if they have? They'll likely enjoy the reminder that your brand is newsworthy.

Extend an invitation.

A media opportunity is the chance to reach a larger audience. Make sure to always give them an opportunity to engage with your business. Create a media-specific promotion or enticing offer that you can share in your press coverage.

For example, when the organic grocery delivery business Doorganics is featured in a TV or radio interview, it will offer viewers $10 off their order with the promo code "FOX17" (or the specific name of the media outlet they are featured on).

Service-based businesses can do the same by offering a free digital training, e-book download, or other incentive. When being featured in the press, my agency will typically promote one of our free guides or live webinar trainings. 

Whatever it is, create something that will motivate potential customers to take action once they've discovered your business. When you customize your offer to the specific media outlet you are featured in, you can also track the results of engagement and conversion. Over time, you'll notice trends of what kind of publicity works best for your brand.

Give it a boost.

One of the most powerful ways to leverage your press is by sharing it on your top performing social platform and targeting it to your specific audience. Media articles, holiday gift guides, TV interviews, and podcasts make great ad content that typically generates more reach and conversions than internally produced content.

Some of my firm's clients have run Facebook ad campaigns for six months or longer using one local TV news feature because they consistently convert into new customers.

Remember, good publicity and media coverage will increase your brand's awareness and credibility. But with a few extra steps, you can leverage that press and compound your exposure, making a measurable impact on your brand and your bottom line.