I recently watched  Russell Brunson, the co-founder of the fast growing, non-venture-backed software company, ClickFunnels, give a live stage presentation at the 10X Growth Conference. During his presentation, he pitched a $3,000 funnel training program that included a slew of bonuses, including a 12-month ClickFunnels software membership. More than one-thousand people pulled out their credit cards and signed up on the spot. That's more than $3 million in sales in just 90 minutes. I watched it via livestream on Youtube and then experienced Brunson give an even bigger sales pitch in person at his own event, Funnel Hacking Live.

After spending hours reverse engineering his tactics and listening to Brunson himself breakdown the process on his podcast and blog, I'm sharing the top five strategies he used to generate millions that you can use to grow your business, too.

1. Don't Teach 

I know what you're thinking... "but if I'm giving a presentation or a webinar training, of course I have to teach!" This one took me a while to fully understand, but as Brunson proves, the best presentations don't teach tactics, rather they break down false beliefs. 

Brunson uses a method he calls the "Perfect Webinar" script. He follows this script not only for his webinars, but also for live presentations. It's basically a series of compelling stories and hooks that helps to break down false beliefs and indoctrinate the audience into a new set of beliefs. After studying this technique, I began implementing it into my own business with weekly webinars and it's powerful at converting attendees into customers. 

2. Prove Value

It can be hard to really show the value of an intangible service or digital product like a training program, but Brunson used a clever tactic to prove the value of a bonus he offered. This bonus was a training that he had previously paid a million dollars to acquire. So, during the presentation, he showed the audience a screenshot of the actual bank transfer that was made to purchase the million-dollar program.

Physically seeing proof of how much something is worth will increase its perceived value- especially when your prospect realizes they are getting access to something that cost you thousands (or in Brunson's case, a million).

Consider, how much money did you invest to learn those coaching skills you are selling? How much time did you spend to master the software for your training program? Calculate your investment and think of how you can visually show proof of the value to your customer.

3. Create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

It sounds crazy, but Brunson actually made it harder for people to buy his offer at the event. All the other speakers sold their offers within the conference app. It was easy; the audience could just open a mobile app, checkout the speaker's offer, and then hit the buy button.

But Brunson went old school when it came time to make his pitch and used paper credit card order forms. "I begged them to keep my offer off the app because the biggest psychological and social proof is in the table rush," Brunson shares in his blog. "When you watch people get up from their chairs to go buy, that pressure and fear of missing out helps egg on those who are hesitant."

4. Leverage the Power of Free

Brunson is a master of leveraging "the power of free" and uses it all throughout his business, offering free books and membership trials to generate major sources of traffic and revenue. Wait-  how do you get revenue from a free product, you wonder? With strategic "one time offers" that happen after the freebie. Think of the freebie as the bait that allows you to hook the customer. Once you've got on them on your line, it's easier to sell to them.

Brunson leveraged this strategy for his $3 million presentation, too. "I framed the sexiest part of the offer as free," Brunson shared in his blog. "Everyone wants the software for free, and so people who bought got 12 months of the highest level of ClickFunnels, completely free."

One of our best converting lead magnets for my agency is a free publicity guide for entrepreneurs. People really do love getting something for free. Consider how you can incorporate the power of free into your business or sales offers.

5. Think Ahead

While most of us would be content with $3 million in sales and holding the title for a record-breaking presentation, Brunson isn't like most entrepreneurs. First, he had the confidence going into the event that he could break a sales record. This gave him the foresight to be two steps ahead so he had a video team on-site to document it so they could turn it into a promotional campaign, ultimately generating even more sales for his business.

If you want to start selling more on-stage or off, incorporate the steps above. And as Brunson suggests, "stop dabbling and go all in... it's not enough to watch a successful webinar or stage presentation once," he shares. "You need to watch it 100 times and then do it 1000 times yourself. It's hard work and grueling, but you will learn so much more than if you simply create an automated webinar and let it run."

Checkout his full presentation below.

May 3, 2018