We asked members of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) to share their experiences with and insights into various rebranding efforts.

1. Use Impressions for Reinforcement

"We often help companies rebrand new websites or email newsletters by running a series of Facebook ads that display the new brand. While sometimes poor for actual conversions, these prove to be effective on a CPM basis. We can easily buy tens of thousands of impressions--reinforce the brand in the customers' minds so that when they get the new email newsletter, they are more familiar with it and thus less likely to just trash it."

Russell Lundstrom, EO Colorado
Founder, Simple Smart Science

2. Rebrand with Purpose

"During the recession, when my business took a hit, we pondered why we do what we do and that became the question that turned our organization around. We found new meaning in our work and clarified our purpose. Based on this new mantra, we rebranded and realigned our service offerings. It was more than a branding revival; it empowered us, attracted the right type of new clients, and quickly tripled our footprint."

Jeff Martin, EO Minnesota
CEO, Collective Genius

3. Be Decisive

"Once you realize that you need to change your brand, do it as soon as possible. Every day that goes by just strengthens awareness of your old brand. It's hard to let go of a brand that has good traction, but every day that you delay just deepens the hole you have dug!"

David Rodnitzky, EO San Francisco
CEO, 3Q Digital

4. Get Employees on the Same Page

"The biggest lesson I learned while rebranding is that it starts from the inside. You can't change your image if the people within your company don't understand what that new image is. Before you start overhauling external marketing, focus on educating your employees about your new brand."

Vladimir Gendelman, EO Detroit
Founder and CEO, Company Folders, Inc.

5. Follow Through After Introduction

"The real success of rebranding hinges upon what comes after its design--the implementation and policing, which ensures brand consistency. I believe rebranding should be thorough, insofar that those within the company are ready and able to implement even the most minute details, from letterheads and email signatures, to the more visible marketing and advertising follow-through. All of these components add up in a big way."

Steven Wang, EO Dallas
President, Ming Wang