As the summer winds down, you may be ready to take one last trip. Whether it's a long weekend or a lengthier stay, you'll be away from your business. We asked members of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) to share tips for making the most of their vacation time.

1. Read

"To trick myself into relaxing, I pack a stack of fiction books to read that are totally unrelated to my day-to-day world. In doing so, I am less tempted to contact clients and try to implement something new while I'm supposed to be 'off the grid.'"

Andy Bailey, EO Nashville
Entrepreneur Coach, Petra Coach

2. Prepare

"A major step is working with key employees to go over issues, expected and not, and spend time with key clients to let them know that I will be unavailable. This helps me relax knowing that my key people and clients are on the same page while I am away."

Paul Mann, EO San Antonio
CEO, RRGP Services, Inc.

3. Immerse Yourself Locally

"I love heading to a destination where people speak a different language, preferably in a different time zone. This forces me to unplug for longer than I would if I stayed in the United States. I also try to speak to locals as much as possible, as it always broadens my perspective on life and business."

Rachid Zahidi
CEO, Sentinel Background Checks

4. Travel with a Peer

"I try to travel at least once a year with another entrepreneur. It’s those unforced, eclectic moments of sharing that often give me my greatest lessons learned. Plus, you can challenge each other to truly shut down and let go."

Joe Wichowski, EO Detroit
President, Traction Consulting Group

5. Unplug

"It's hard to admit, but the business will go on fine without you. I took a two-week trip to Costa Rica with a friend and got a local SIM card that no one knew the number for. No emails or phone calls led to a truly fulfilling vacation. When I got back, my staff had taken care of almost everything, and I came back fully refreshed."

Eric Griffin, EO Philadelphia
Co-Founder, Clear-Coat

6. Cherish the Journey

"Recently, instead of flying to a destination, we rented an RV and my family drove two days to Tennessee where we met other family members. The secret was that we simply made where we were the place to be. We went nowhere special, but since I was with the most special people to me, we had the best time ever."

Craig Fluty, EO Albany
Managing Partner, Pinnacle Recruiting and Staffing LLC

7. Trust Your Team

"A way to get over disconnect anxiety is to focus on the trust you have in your employees. I make sure everything from top to bottom will run smoothly, even in my absence. This trust also shows your employees you believe in them, and that has always yielded positive results as a team."

Aaron Batte, EO Colorado
President, Faction Media

8. Take a Risk

"Adventure fuels and recharges me in a way that sitting on a beach drinking does not. I'm not alone, as my peers also prefer adrenaline-pumping vacations. Engaging in risky activities on my vacations actually taps into and fills the same emotional reservoir as my entrepreneurial endeavors. I feel refueled and ready to create when I return to the office after an excursion."

Dan Hogan, EO Nashville
President and CEO, Medalogix

9. Make it a Long Weekend

"I frequently take long weekend trips and thoroughly enjoy the change of pace, scenery and time with friends, family or just being alone. The amount of downtime is ideal, and there are plenty of options from where I sit in New England. The bonus is that I do not have to spend days preparing to leave or days getting up to speed when I return."

Jaye Donaldson, EO Connecticut
President and CEO, Donaldson Group

Published on: Aug 26, 2015
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