At the core of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)'s mission is an unwavering commitment to helping both early-stage and experienced entrepreneurs learn and grow to new levels of leadership.­­­­ Executive education offered through university programs and other professional organizations is a great way to enhance business and leadership skills, but where can you turn when you need inspiration, motivation or solutions--fast? We've compiled our list of six podcast episodes to help entrepreneurs motivate, balance and grow into the CEO you're striving to become.

Entrepreneur burnout is real. Stress and sleepless nights sap our enthusiasm and energy--and we're not a faction that's famous for knowing how to slow down and recharge. The emotional and physical tolls of risk, stress and setbacks can lead to long-term mental and physical challenges, pulling entrepreneurs away from the businesses and missions that are our passion.

Fortunately, the mental health of entrepreneurs has become a focus with new studies and peers who are willing to discuss challenges. As legendary football coach Lou Holtz said, "It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it."

Looking for a better way to shoulder your entrepreneurial load? These six EO podcast episodes will inspire and rejuvenate, helping you develop the strategies and tools to become a healthier, happier entrepreneur:

1.  Paul de Gelder: Shark Attack

In an instant, a vicious shark attack changed Paul de Gelder's active life into one of a double amputee.

Despite near-fatal injuries inflicted by a bull shark in Sydney Harbour, Paul survived. He found himself with a choice as he adjusted to his new reality: He could live a good life or a bad life. Paul's response to that major trauma provides inspiring perspective that will encourage you to embrace positivity, overcome a challenge or start over completely. His infectious enthusiasm and resilience are palpable as he shares his jaw-dropping story.

"If you have to rebuild all over again," Paul said during his EO 360°podcast interview, "all you have to do is start."

2.   Tanya Chernova: Mindset and Performance

With her neuroscientific approach to leadership and mindset change, Tanya Chernova has authored books on emotional intelligence and presented to companies including L'Oreal Professionnel, Cisco and NASA.

By explaining the importance of subconscious and intentional positive thought, Tanya reveals that adopting the right mindset can transform you into a confident leader who overcomes limiting thoughts such as "I am not enough."

Curious about the science of psychology and performance? Listen to Tanya's Wonder podcast episode.

3.   Bradley Raider: How Meditation Became Mainstream

With business leaders advocating meditation as part of their own toolkit for better mental health and apps like Headspace demystifying the practice, meditation has become as common in business as casual Fridays.

Don't miss Bradley Raider's Wonder episode to learn why the practice has skyrocketed in popularity. As a coach who helps entrepreneurs improve their lives and restore balance, Bradley makes the case for meditation and mindfulness to improve clarity, creativity and productivity.

Check out this episode and you'll understand why Jeff Weiner, Oprah Winfrey and Arianna Huffington swear by meditation.

4.   Hal Elrod: The Miracle Morning

Bestselling author and international speaker Hal Elrod overcame cancer, recovered from a car accident that left him clinically dead for six minutes and battled depression. Despite these significant setbacks, his powerful Miracle Morning routine keeps Hal--and thousands who've adopted his approach--motivated and moving.

Listen to Hal's powerful EO 360° episode to discover how he leverages attitude and mindset to succeed in business and health--and how to apply the same strategies to augment your own journey.

5.   Dr. Sean Stephenson on Attitude

Born with a rare bone disorder, Dr. Sean Stephenson's first hours of life were also expected to be his last. He defied that prognosis and survived, later experiencing a childhood and teenage years filled with physical and social challenges that would've stymied someone without his extraordinary zest for life. If your progress is diminished by your attitude, this is a must-hear episode. Today, Sean serves as a trained therapist, motivational speaker and author.

Listen to Sean's episode of EO 360° as he explores how attitude defined his success, the four factors that go into overcoming insecurity and perspectives that limit potential. As Zig Ziglar said, "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."

6.   Dan Sullivan on Mindset and Living to 156

There's surely no better person to advocate for the benefits of a positive mindset than a man who intends to live 150+ years.

In his EO 360° interview, Dan Sullivan, founder and president of Strategic Coach, Inc., explores how changes in mindset translate to changes in behavior--which lead to changes in your reality.

His take on reaching goals will help you frame setbacks in a new light and have you asking the right questions. Measuring success and progress can be difficult as an entrepreneur. Dan's advice? "When you have achievement, measure where you started."