Chad Moreschi is president of Natural Resources Pest Control, which provides organic, environmentally friendly pest control solutions for both residential and commercial settings. As an EO Accelerator program participant in Miami, Chad is empowered with the toolscommunity and accountability necessary to run and grow his business. We asked Chad about his experience with a business accelerator program and how it is impacting his entrepreneurial journey. Here's what he shared:

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey.

A few years ago, my parents retired from the pest control company they founded in 1986?and handed me the keys. The company was their labor of love: Dad went back to school at age 35 for a degree in pest control technology to support our family. As a kid, I rode along with him and he taught me about plants and insects while servicing his accounts. This fostered my deep appreciation for nature and seeded my desire to be an environmental advocate.

In 2012, during my fourth year of university and after changing my major more times than anticipated, my older, tech-savvy brother joined the family business and built our company website, resulting in significant growth overnight. Without knowing what degree I wanted to pursue next, I took the opportunity to help my brother with the family business.

How did you learn about the business accelerator program you joined?

While still working in our family business, my brother created a subscription-based CRM platform from scratch and grew it into a company generating well over a million dollars in revenue. How did he do that? He learned the necessary skills by participating in EO's Accelerator program. From the way he spoke about his work, to the motivated entrepreneurs he surrounded himself with, I witnessed his professional lifestyle evolve into something that really excited me. So, once I hit the revenue requirement to apply to the program, I was in!  

What's your most valuable take-away so far?

As leader of our family business, I struggled with our purpose. We didn't have a clear mission, I didn't know what our values were, and I had no idea where I wanted to go with the company.

The business accelerator program features four quarterly learning days, one of which is Strategy Day?an entire day dedicated to establishing your company's purpose. What makes it unique? What is your "why"? I lit up because this opened my eyes to the fact that I could be as creative as I wanted regarding the development of the company?something I'd been craving but didn't know how to tap into.

This realization bridged the gap between the respect I have for nature and my desire to have a positive impact on the environment. Recognizing the need for a safe and effective alternative to synthetic pesticides, we gave the company a facelift and embraced an eco-friendly approach to pest control. I had this business as a vehicle sitting in front of me the whole time but lacked the guidance I needed to drive it toward something I was passionate about.

Since then, it has become my mission to change the industry standard and raise the bar for pest control professionals. I want everyone to be aware of the chemicals they expose themselves to and their impact on our environment, which means my position will naturally evolve from owner-operator to educator. I've already taken the first step by working with the Miami Shores City Council to limit the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in schools, parks and other sensitive areas.

What changes have you made since joining Accelerator?

In 18 months I have achieved significant growth as a result of implementing key components from the program. The curriculum is designed to help build the framework for a scalable company. It's fascinating?from speaking to other participants, I've realized that even though we're all running completely different businesses, we all have similar issues around strategy, execution, money and people?the four pillars of the business accelerator program.

What's been the biggest surprise about the program?

I was 28 when I joined, and I worried that my peers wouldn't take me seriously as a business owner. I lacked confidence and know-how, but I was embraced. EO Accelerator is a judgment-free zone. We are all experiencing the same growing pains. After my first meeting, I was overcome with a sense of relief followed by motivation to get to work. I know if I implement every single thing I learn from this program and my peers, there is no way I could fail. I'm confident that I will end up being more successful than I ever imagined!