The Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)/Virgin Unite Changing Business for Good (CB4G) Contest recognizes business leaders whose companies make a deliberate, positive impact on people and the planet. A 2017 finalist, Amish Shah is an EO San Diego member and co-founder of Deep Origins, a Southern California-based natural wellness company offering yoga and meditation products and herbal supplements. Here, he describes his company's evolution.

In my time with EO, I've worked with two mentors. The first is in the music industry and runs two nonprofits. Through his experience, I realized it was possible to make money and give back in a big way at the same time. My second mentor provides personalized healthcare. Working with him let me see that what's inside me and what's reflected through our company should be one and the same.

Both of my mentors helped me find ways to restructure and reposition my business and nonprofit efforts so that, together, they support my BHAG--big hairy audacious goal--of making an impact on the lives of a billion people by 2030. We created core values that embody "doing good." We also revised the brand messaging strategy. In the end, we shifted Deep Origins and all of our brands from a hard marketing identity toward a mission-and-values-driven enterprise.

To support that vision, we're channeling 15 percent of our profits to our nonprofit, the Shah Education and Exploration Foundation (SEEF), which assists in the creation and sustainability of healthy, economically independent communities around the world. In addition, we're producing a documentary in which more than 30 doctors, scientists and experts provide education about natural healing, for free distribution. We've also created and released more than 50 hours of free video content demonstrating the potential of meditation and yoga to alleviate stress and manifest your deepest desires. Not only has that content earned more than 2 million views on YouTube, but our sales have increased.

By following this path, I've found that aligning myself with doing good in my company has given me a sense of purpose. I've been an entrepreneur for 14 years and it wasn't until I found this purpose that I found happiness. I have no doubts about where I'm going now. I'm happier and more excited than I've ever been.

The CB4G result is motivating. Using business for good is only going to get more popular, because consumers want to increase their personal power and happiness. The award is also inspiring because it's recognition for the work we do, which wasn't always an easy path to follow, but is now proving to be amazing!

Published on: May 1, 2017
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